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In the cleanroom we can always do more to achieve greater sustainability. In this issue we highlight a range of products and solutions with better results, not only for your applications, but also for the environment. We are also delighted to introduce the new isolator gloves from Ansell, and Peridox RTU® a ready to use blend of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid from Contec.


Make your sustainable choice

New Revolve™ eco-friendly wipes

New Revolve™ eco-friendly wipes - the next step to reducing your carbon footprint


Manufactured from post-consumer polyester (rPET) yarn made from upcycling plastic water bottles, these wipes are a sustainable solution for your cleanrooms.


VWR® glove liners

VWR® glove liners can help reduce your environmental impact


Worn under normal gloves they wick moisture and reduce changes to a new pair of disposable gloves. Make disposable gloves last for longer. Can be laundered and reused time and time again.

NovaClean® detergent

NovaClean® detergent - neutral cleaning for controlled environments


NovaClean emulsifies and removes particles during the wetting/wiping process. Biodegradable, low residue, ion-free blend - filtered to 0,1 microns. Not available in all countries. Please check with your local Avantor sales office.


PeridoxRTU® a ready to use blend of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid


PeridoxRTU has EU wide BPR authorisation and is effective against bacteria, fungi, moulds and spores. PeridoxRTU is fast acting, killing spores in 3 minutes.


PureStep multi-layer

PureStep multi-layer adhesive mats


A fast and convenient way to prevent contaminants from spreading due to foot traffic or wheeled carts. For use in cleanrooms and at entrance doorways. made with 20% specially designed biohybrid resin, a GMO-free, renewable, plant-based material that reduces CO2 emissions.

VWR® intelligent sole cleaning machine

VWR® intelligent sole cleaning machine


No need for tacky mats or shoe covers, so reduces disposable waste. Made from 316 stainless steel, simple to install and easy to clean. Service life up to 8 years.

A decade of success recycling lab and cleanroom PPE

EcoBond® recyclable cleanroom paper


This recyclable version of BCR® cleanroom bond paper is made from cellulose, low in particles and fibres. Recommended for use in ISO Class 3 to 7 cleanrooms.

Why choose BIOCLEAN™ nitrile isolator/RABS gloves?

Why choose BIOCLEAN™ nitrile isolator/RABS gloves?


Nitrile is a synthetic, non solvent-based, FDA approved polymer and is an ideal alternative to CSM, EPDM and latex, where there is a risk of latex allergies.



Discover and join our cleanroom webinars

Discover and join our cleanroom webinars


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Don't miss these special offers


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